Health and Safety Advice

Need to make sense of Health and Safety compliance?

With a friendly understandable style, we’ll explain it in terms your whole workforce can relate to.

Why do I need health & safety advice?

Well apart from having to have access to competent health and safety advice being a ‘legal requirement’ it also makes good business sense.
Occasionally we talk about “wealth” and safety because the most common cause of injuries at work is the slip or trip – with an estimated cost to employers of £300 million a year. And we’re afraid your insurance will not cover a whole bunch of stuff like:

  • Insurance investigation time
  • Fines and legal costs
  • Loss of contracts
  • Production delays
  • Loss of business reputation
  • Sick pay
  • Lost time
  • Damage or loss of product and raw materials
  • Repairs to plant and equipment
  • Overtime working and temporary labour

All of these are going to come straight off your bottom line. Oh and then there’s the hidden costs to your business – if a business-critical employee has an accident and is temporarily or permanently off work.

NOW, you’re into job specs, advertising, interviewing, training, setting up short term contracts AND probably dealing with a drop in productivity whilst a new staff member gets up to speed.

And then there are the possible fines that can be levied against a Company Director. In a Magistrate’s Court up to £20,000. In Crown Court there’s an unlimited fine or even imprisonment.

Not quite so bored now are you?

The other misunderstanding is that you have to be quite a large company to have a health and safety policy in place – but in fact this is not the case. H&S law applies to employees; the self-employed; work experience; apprentices; volunteers; mobile workers and home workers all need a safety policy the difference is that as soon as you hit the magical 5 employees you have to write it all down..

  • All employers and self-employed people have to assess the risks from work activities
  • Employers with five or more employees have to record the significant findings of their risk assessment
  • All employers have to consult their employees or their employees’ safety representatives on health and safety matters
  • All employers have to provide health and safety training for employees
  • Employers with five or more employees have to have a written health and safety policy

We’re afraid that every company – no matter how large or small – needs a safety policy. Don’t worry we’re here to help – call us on 0800 043 3169

Award Health and Safety – “your Alliance for Compliance”

You need to comply with Health and Safety legislation. With a detailed knowledge of this complex field we can guide you every step of the way.

Our other health and safety services include: Health and Safety AuditsHealth and Safety ConsultancyHealth and Safety Training, and CHAS Accreditation

Health and Safety Advice
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