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What is DSE? Do I need to think about DSE Training Online?

Surveys have found that a high proportion of DSE (Display Screen Equipment) workers report aches, pains or eye discomfort.

These aches and pains are sometimes called work related upper limb disorders (WRULD’s), which can include a range of medical conditions such as RSI. Most of these conditions do not indicate any serious life threatening ill health, but it makes sense to avoid them as far as possible. it is also ‘morally’ correct.

WRULD's can be avoided if users are given DSE Training and follow effective practice, set up their workstations properly and take breaks during prolonged use. By just taking a few simple precautions, work with DSE can be more comfortable and productive.

Our DSE training online courses, have been approved by the IIRSM, and are aimed at users of display screen equipment (DSE) and those responsible for assessing display screen equipment.

A ‘user’, is anyone who regularly uses display screen equipment for a significant part of their normal work. In practice, if you use display screen equipment continuously for more than one hour a day, then you’re a ‘user’ and you would require DSE training by law. The HSE have produced some FAQ's which can be found here.

Course Trailer

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Our Price for DSE Training Online

A single DSE Training online course from Award costs just £24 + vat

A single DSE Assessor Training online course from Award costs just £30 + vat

(Please note if you require a VAT INVOICE for this training and a PayPal RECEIPT wont do, you MUST contact us, by sending an email with your company details, which course, how many you want and to whom the invoice should be emailed, PRIOR to booking the training so an invoice can be raised and paid for before you start the course). You need an email address in your own name in order to take any of our online courses.

Multi licence packages are available enabling a business administrator to have a master account where they can see who has logged in & who hasn't, when their delegate has passed and even download a copy of their delegates certificate if required.

DSE Training Online, DSE Assessor Training Online

The DSE Training Online course consists of 8 modules with questions at the end of each module with the DSE Assessors Training Online Course having the same first 8 modules along with an extra 7 special DSE Assessor Training modules.

You are given the chance to review all your answers at the end of each module before final submission and you will be given 3 attempts at each module to achieve a pass rate of 70% or higher (except module 15 which requires a 100% pass rate).

Modules for DSE

Module 1 – Introduction
Module 2 – Legislation
Module 3 – Protecting your body
Module 4 – Adjusting your chair
Module 5 – Adjusting your Screen
Module 6 – Work arrangements
Module 7 – Adjusting the layout of your workstation
Module 8 – Adjusting your work environment

Extra Modules for DSE Assessors

Module 9 – Risk assessment overview
Module 10 – Principles of Sensible Risk Management
Module 11 – Key Health & Safety Legislation
Module 12 – DSE Hazards & Risks
Module 13 – DSE Assessments
Module 14 – Control & Prevention Strategies
Module 15 – Practical Element

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PLEASE BE AWARE YOU CAN FAIL THIS COURSE. This is an externally audited course and is not a pushover just tick a box course, if it was there wouldn't be much point in doing it!! If you study each module you will learn enough to pass.

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