Fire Safety

Every business needs its staff to have fire safety awareness training, and you have a legal obligation to carry out a fire risk assessment.

We offer training to make sure you meet these requirements.

We can also help you with your risk assessments and assist with fire protection system surveys.

Award Health & Safety Ltd offers a range of Fire and Health and Safety Services to Retail organisations, Construction Companies, Commercial and Property businesses, as well as Industrial and Manufacturing companies.

Our services and reports include:

‘Common Areas’ Fire Risk Assessments for blocks of flats

A fire risk assessment is needed in blocks of flats to cover the common areas such as stairs and corridors and up to and including your front door but not the individual flats. The common areas if built before the year 2000 will also fall under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and will need an asbestos survey.

It is not unusual to find the sale of a flat is held up by not having this in place.

If you are a Block Manager or the freeholder of a block of flats we can carry out both a Fire Risk Assessment and an Asbestos Survey for you in one visit, ensuring you meet your legal obligations.

Award Health and Safety – “your Alliance for Compliance”

You need to comply with Health and Safety legislation. With a detailed knowledge of this complex field we can guide you every step of the way.