Mavis Nye is the first person in the UK to beat mesothelioma

In 2009, Mavis was given three months to live but refused to give up her fight with Mesothelioma. She now works within the NHS as a Patient and Trail Rep alongside TSSG Lung Members. 

I’m just an ordinary woman who married at 18 and washed my husband’s clothes as he came home from work at the Chatham Dockyard as a Shipwright. I didn’t know the powder on Ray’s clothes was anything other than dust bought home from work. I shook his clothes and then put them in the washing machine. Forty-eight years later I find I have mesothelioma and a death sentence of 3 months.

After my husband’s apprenticeship and national service he returned to the dockyard. This is when he worked with asbestos all around as the laggers lagged everywhere in the ships when they were being refitted. My father also worked on the submarines as an electrician.

We lived a wonderful healthy life and bought up a family. I went to keep fit classes and walked miles with the dogs in our lovely countryside. Then we retired in 2000, sold our house, moved to the coast, bought a motor-home and settled into retirement.

Since June 2009 when Mavis Nye first received the devastating diagnosis of pleural mesothelioma, she vowed she would fight the cancer with every bit of her being. Now, 9 years after being diagnosed with the asbestos cancer, 77-year-old Mavis tells MesotheliomaHelp that her doctors told her that although her tumors are still there, “there is no active mesothelioma in them.” Mavis is virtually free of the insidious cancer that has haunted her for years.

Although Mavis has fought long and hard for this result, she shares the news with guarded enthusiasm.

“I am not cured of mesothelioma, but I have no symptoms or progression of my cancer,” she says. “They cannot say for certain that it might not rear its ugly head again. If it does, I can go back on the drug and fight again. But it does make me so proud that I appear to be the first patient to achieve these results.”

Mavis Nye is the first person in the UK to beat mesothelioma
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