CHAS Accreditation Help

You may need CHAS accreditation to bid for large contracts, but it is time consuming to get it. We help clients every week with their CHAS applications – let us save time and hassle for you too.

What is CHAS Accreditation?

CHAS is the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme, part of the SSiP scheme. CHAS accreditation shows your prospective customers that you already meet the required health and safety standards.
The CHAS scheme allows you to be pre-approved on bids for the health and safety requirements. Whilst the scheme is a local authority and government scheme CHAS can be used by any organisation looking to source suppliers and contractors.

Why become CHAS Accredited?

  • Gain a competitive advantage – look more professional than your non CHAS compliant competitors
  • Increase your chances of getting shortlisted on large jobs
  • Save time and money – being pre-approved saves multiple health and safety submissions on every bid

If you are involved in public sector tendering, then becoming CHAS Accredited is a no-brainer. For more information on how we can help you call us now on 0800 043 3169

Please be aware that – NO ONE can ‘SELL‘ you CHAS in a box! There are NO shortcuts to gaining CHAS Accreditation, we can not and will not turn up and ‘DO’ everything for you as this would defeat the object of you proving what you and your company are doing.

What are my options?

Do it yourself – you can complete and submit your application yourself, make sure you are using the updated application form or all your hard work filling in the ‘old form‘ will have been a waste of time as your application will be rejected, but this takes a lot of time and you are likely to get rejected if you are unfamiliar with the application process or if your health and safety scheme isn’t up to scratch.

Get us in to help – we are experts in health and safety with many successful CHAS applications under our belt. We will come and work with you in person, when you need us to, or the whole process can take place over the internet to ensure you have the best chance of success with your application. Our no nonsense, straight forward approach means contractors love working with us.

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You need to comply with Health and Safety legislation. With a detailed knowledge of this complex field we can guide you every step of the way.

CHAS Accreditation Help