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Why do I need health and safety advice?

Well apart from having to have access to competent health and safety advice being a ‘legal requirement’ it also makes good business sense.

Occasionally we talk about “wealth” and safety because the most common cause of injuries at work is the slip or trip – with an estimated cost to employers of £300 million a year. And we’re afraid your insurance will not cover a whole bunch of stuff like:

  • Insurance investigation time
  • Fines and legal costs
  • Loss of contracts
  • Production delays
  • Loss of business reputation
  • Sick pay
  • Lost time
  • Damage or loss of product and raw materials
  • Repairs to plant and equipment
  • Overtime working and temporary labour

All of these are going to come straight off your bottom line. Oh and then there’s the hidden costs to your business – if a business-critical employee has an accident and is temporarily or permanently off work.

NOW, you’re into job specs, advertising, interviewing, training, setting up short term contracts AND probably dealing with a drop in productivity whilst a new staff member gets up to speed.

And then there are the possible fines that can be levied against a Company. In a Magistrate’s Court up to £10,000,000 all now based upon your turnover. In Crown Court there’s an unlimited fine or even imprisonment.

Not quite so bored now are you?

The other misunderstanding is that you have to be quite a large company to have a health and safety policy in place – but in fact this is not the case. H&S law applies to employees; the self-employed; work experience; apprentices; volunteers; mobile workers and home workers all need a safety policy the difference is that as soon as you hit the magical 5 employees you have to write it all down..

  • All employers and self-employed people have to assess the risks from work activities
  • Employers with five or more employees have to record the significant findings of their risk assessment
  • All employers have to consult their employees or their employees’ safety representatives on health and safety matters
  • All employers have to provide health and safety training for employees
  • Employers with five or more employees have to have a written health and safety policy
  • All companies no matter the size need access to competent health and safety advice

We’re afraid that every company – no matter how large or small – needs a safety policy. Don’t worry we’re here to help – call us on 0800 043 3169

Our other health and safety services include: Health and Safety AuditsHealth and Safety Consultancy and Health and Safety Training

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