Health and Safety Awareness Training Course

Why do I need a Health and Safety Awareness Training Course?

Our health and safety awareness training course is designed to work with your employees to ensure that they have an understanding of why health and safety is important. Not only to them but also to the company they are working for. Vital information for both you and your employees.

This health and safety awareness training course covers the following topics:

  • Legislation
  • Health
  • Safety
  • Welfare
  • The workplace and workplace equipment
  • Risk assessment
  • Manual handling
  • Hazardous substances
  • Ergonomics and workstation design
  • Transport and vehicles
  • Noise and vibration

This is generally a day long course and can be tailored to suit your business. As health and safety law is applicable to all business’s then this really is the course for you. Have you seen some of the fines and jail sentences that are now being passed since the introduction of the sentencing guidelines recently.

Our course can be set to your particular business needs. We have a vast range of experience across various industries. Our tutors are able to bespoke a course to enable your delegates to understand where you are coming from. they will understand by the ned of the course that you are not just saying things for the sake of saying them. You really want them to go home safe tonight and to keep you all free from prosecution. Our health and safety awareness training course will allow this to happen.

Qualification information

Designed for: All employees
Course duration: 6 hours

Assessment method: Written test at the end of the course

Can we run an accredited course rather than in-house? Yes if required this can be arranged via an external CIEH approved tutor.
Level: New Level 2

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