How big do I need to be before I’ve got to have a written health and safety policy?

As soon as you have five or more employees you need a written policy AND you have to record any significant findings of your risk assessment

Why would we choose Award Health and Safety?

Well, we have a reputation for making accessible the (rather dull) subject of Health and Safety and doing this in a fun way based on common sense and great experience.


It’s going to be expensive isn’t it?

No, we offer realistic pricing with no automatic contractual tie ins. And if you ask us to work on retainer our prices drop further. What’s more, for large jobs we’ll consider phasing our charges to ease the burden on your cash flow.

I’ve heard I’m liable for contractors working in my office – is that really right?

We’re afraid so, in addition to ensuring – so far as is reasonably practicable – the health, safety and welfare of your employees, you’re also responsible for any contractors that come onto your premises.

How can health and safety possibly affect people sat at desks?

Ah -there’s a clue in the word health! In that situation we’re talking about poor workstation design, lack of training or insufficient breaks which can cause back pain, RSI and musculoskeletal problems. The health word also applies to stress in the workplace – so if you’ve a high staff turnover or low morale we can help with that too.

Why else would I need your health and safety help?

  • If you needed to create/update your policies and procedures
  • If you’re working on new sites or in new premises
  • Following an accident
  • As part of a return to work programme supporting occupational health

If I ask for a Health and Safety Consultation you’re going to sell at me aren’t you?

No, we promise to be good. We’re there to see if there’s anything you might need to do and will tell you if there isn’t! This is informal and confidential.

Award Health and Safety – “your Alliance for Compliance”

You need to comply with Health and Safety legislation. With a detailed knowledge of this complex field we can guide you every step of the way.

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