Health and safety training

Health and Safety Training Courses

Once you have a Health and Safety policy in place it is important that your staff are fully aware of what it is and how they must behave in the workplace.  Much of this can be achieved through having safety training courses. Remember it is your responsibility that they do this.

Your staff must know how through health and safety training:

  • how to carry safely with manual handling training
  • how to work at heights with safe working at height training
  • what to do in the event of a fire at your premises with fire safety awareness training
  • in what circumstances they might be liable for the safety of your visiting clients or customers.

Health and Safety Training is VITAL to the success of your company. Once your employees have been through a health and safety course with Award Health and Safety they will be in a much better position to work more safely.

We offer a range of safety training courses to suit all organisations both large and small. Give us a call to discuss how we put together a safety training course for your company or indeed safety training courses bespoke for your company.

New Training Facility

Award Health & Safety Ltd has a brand new training venue in Portsmouth in Nevil Shute Road with state of the art projection equipment and is fully air conditioned and can now accommodate up to 16 delegates in comfort.

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